Joan K. Selby

Love Warp

Through her evocative words, Selby’s ability to merge the external world with the internal journey of the self is a testament to her skill as a poet.

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About Book

Love warp

“Love Warp” is a captivating collection of poetry by Joan K. Selby that invites readers on a lyrical journey through the vivid colors, emotions, and experiences of life. With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of language, Selby paints a rich tapestry of imagery and sensations that transport readers to the heart of each poem.

In this collection, Selby explores the collision of contrasting elements, drawing inspiration from the beauty found in unexpected encounters. From the blue azure of hope to the aching heat meeting icicle air, the poems in “Love Warp” capture the vibrant and transformative nature of the world around us.

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About Author

Joan K. Selby

Joan K. Selby is an accomplished writer and educator, known for her captivating poetry and dedication to the literary community. Born in the picturesque city of San Rafael, California, Joan’s love for words and storytelling developed at a young age and continued to flourish as she ventured across various states in pursuit of her passion.

Throughout her career, Joan has resided in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and currently resides in Maryland. In each of these locations, she has made a significant impact as a teacher, writer, and advocate for the arts. Her work has been featured in numerous small presses, showcasing her talent and unique perspective on life, love, and the human experience.



Joan K. Selby’s contribution to the literary community is immeasurable. As a member of the Hagerstown Writing Group, I have had the privilege of witnessing her nurturing spirit and unwavering support for fellow writers. Her dedication to fostering creativity and providing a safe space for expression is truly commendable.  


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Joan K. Selby’s poetry is a breathtaking journey into the depths of emotion and self-discovery. Her words have the power to transport you to a place of introspection and vulnerability, where you can’t help but reflect on your own experiences.

Love Warp is a remarkable debut collection that showcases Joan’s remarkable talent and unique perspective. Her ability to capture the essence of human emotions is truly remarkable. A must-read for anyone who appreciates the beauty of language and the power of poetry.







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