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About Book

Love warp

“Love Warp” is a captivating collection of poetry by Joan K. Selby that invites readers on a lyrical journey through the vivid colors, emotions, and experiences of life. With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of language, Selby paints a rich tapestry of imagery and sensations that transport readers to the heart of each poem.

In this collection, Selby explores the collision of contrasting elements, drawing inspiration from the beauty found in unexpected encounters. From the blue azure of hope to the aching heat meeting icicle air, the poems in “Love Warp” capture the vibrant and transformative nature of the world around us.

Through her evocative words, Selby takes us on a drive towards celebration, navigating tornado tailspins and rivers that hop their tracks. Her ability to merge the external world with the internal journey of the self is a testament to her skill as a poet. Each poem is a testament to resilience, joy, and the power of embracing life’s twists and turns.

In “Travels with the One-Eyed Man,” Selby’s words dance with laughter and adventure. She paints a picture of shared moments and exhilarating experiences, as the one-eyed man leads the way through freeways aglow with bubble-like lights. The convertible becomes a vessel of freedom, carrying the weight of a world filled with melons, grapes, and vines. In these verses, Selby captures the essence of exhilaration and the thrill of being alive.

“Love Warp” is a celebration of life’s vibrant colors, its unexpected collisions, and the beauty found in embracing every moment. Joan K. Selby’s debut collection invites readers to revel in the transformative power of language, reminding us to savor life’s journey and to put on lipstick as we approach our destinations.

With her poetic prowess and ability to capture the essence of human experience, Selby establishes herself as a fresh and captivating voice in contemporary poetry. “Love Warp” is a testament to her talent, leaving readers longing for more of her evocative and soul-stirring verse.